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Welcome To Avictus Online

Online Courses & Training To Keep You & Your Loved Ones Safe.

Online Self Defence For All

Welcome, my name is Sean Gallagher and I'm the founder of Avictus Online

We are dedicated to helping people from all walks of life live safe & secure lives.

The courses on this website are for anyone who wants to learn how to effectively avoid dangerous situations or cope with a physical altercation if it can't be prevented

What people are saying

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Sean has a clear understanding of personal safety and how to avoid violent people who are looking to harm others.

— Dimitri

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The experience that Sean has gained first hand from his long career in close protection adds a level of authenticity and pressure tested reality to his teaching that is impossible to find in the average martial arts school.

— Liam

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Sean is an excellent instructor passionate and dedicated in this subject with a unique teaching style that is complemented with real-life experience over the last thirty years.

— Ginge

About Avictus

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