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Self Defence 101

An Online Introduction To Basic Self Defence Techniques & Principles

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Welcome To Self Defence 101

In today's world, it's important to know how to defend yourself and your loved ones from potential danger. This course is designed to teach you practical skills and techniques that you can use in real-life scenarios, regardless of your age, gender, strength, or physical abilities.

Whether you're looking to build your confidence, improve your awareness, or keep yourself safe, this course is perfect for you.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through each lesson, providing step-by-step instructions and demonstrations that are easy to follow.

Join us today and start your journey towards a safer and more empowered life!

Welcome, my name is Sean Gallagher

I've been studying Martial Arts, Combatives & Self Defence for more than 30 years

But more important than that, I've also had decades of experience in real self defence situations as a result of my work as a bodyguard to dozens of A-list celebrities, business leaders, and politicians.

I'm here to help you live your life safer

Why I Created This Course

This course is the result of 30 years experience dealing with real violence across the world

My job as a security specialist and bodyguard meant I was dealing with verbal & physical threats every single day

In this course I've combined my 30 years Martial Arts experience with my decades of body guarding to create a simple and effective self defence system that works no matter your size, experience, age or gender.

Whats Inside This Course

  • 1
    • Introduction
    • Self Defence Stance
    • Remaining Calm
  • 2
    Wrist Escapes
    • Wrist Grab Defence
    • Wrist Grab Defence 2nd Angle
  • 3
    Grab & Punch Defence
    • Grab & Punch Defence
    • Double Grab Defence
  • 4
    Swing Punch Defence
    • Swing Punch Defence
    • Swing Punch - Second Angle
    • Blocking Structure
    • Hicks Law
  • 5
    Strangle Defence
    • Strangle Defence
    • Strangle Defence - Second Angle
    • Strangle Defence Against Wall
    • Strangle Defence Detail
  • 6
    Rear Choke Defence
    • Rear Choke Defence
    • Rear Choke Defence - Second Angle
  • 7
    Headlock Defence
    • Side headlock
    • Front Headlock Defence
  • 8
    Bear Hug Defence
    • Bear Hug Defence
    • Bear Hug Defence Detail
  • 9
    Ground Defence
    • Mount Escape
    • Defence When Face Down
    • Kicking From Ground
    • Tackle defence
  • 10
    • Example From Student
    • Function Over Form
    • Summary
  • 11
    BONUS - Intro to weapons defence
    • Baseball bat swing
  • 12
    Course Manual
    • Download The Course Manual

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What People Say About Sean

Artboard 1

Sean is an excellent instructor passionate and dedicated in this subject with a unique teaching style that is complemented with rereal-lifexperience over the last thirty years.

All the best for the future, keep up the great work.

Ginge Johnson

SAS Veteran & Security Consultant


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Sean's approach to Self Defence, Combatives and Personal protection are second to none. Sean's teaching is a deep dive of the anatomy, physiology and psychology of high stress situations and violence. The experience that Sean has gained first hand from his long career in close protection adds a level of authenticity and pressure tested reality to his teaching that is impossible to find in the average martial arts school.

Liam Williams

Head Instructor

Paper Street Combat Club

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Sean has a clear understanding of personal safety and how to avoid violent people that are looking to harm others. His clear instructions and “not beat around the bush” attitude makes you feel confident and be comfortable to handle random violent situations that may occur in your life.


Ex –Special Forces

Veteran Commando

Fight Director & Military Advisor

Get Notified When This Course Launces

Get notified when this course is available to purchase to get the best discount & exclusive bonuses